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Logos That Strike with Impact

Logos are more than pretty pictures and more than a name. They say something about your personality, what you do, and the way you do it. It's about the relationships and connotations between different symbols, colours and ideas that allow people's first impressions to understand your business at a glance.

Working with many small businesses, we have found that it is common and tempting to use cheap services with a simplistic customer journey: click here, pay £5 and receive your commissioned item.

Ask yourself:

What is my brand worth?

(Hint: Not £5)

Although this may work for some, it's not the most effective or successful way to get a logo, often leading to paying out again. We understand you may not have a big budget, or feel like you have the time, but a logo is the face of your business, and you deserve to make the right first impression.

Creating You

MTM Tiling - Logo Grey.jpg




MTM Deli Logo - with background.png

It is our belief that you should take an as-involved role in your logo as the designer. We want you to have the opportunity to give us the complete picture of your brand or work with you to build that identity so that we can forge something that is truly you.

Get The Files You Need

Whether you know about these file types or only one, each has its specific use to benefit you.

Your Ai file is your mould, the original copy, that you can send to designers and manufacturers should you need to.

The PNG file is your bread and butter. An image of your logo with preserved transparency to layer on promo materials as you see fit at high quality.

SVG files ensure your logo looks crisp at any size, from a postage stamp to the size of a skyscraper! Ideal for use on your responsive website.

How Molten Crafts Your Logo

Breaking The Mould

Breaking the mould to stand out is a good thing, however, finding your niche requires knowing where other people have tried and succeeded (or where they've failed).


You'll often find that people gravitate to what they know, whether you're a customer or a business owner. Take a look at swimming school logos, the same front crawl or butterfly pose with hues of blue is ubiquitous. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as your target market knows exactly what they're getting but, you'll also look the same as your competitors.

This is where knowing who you are matters a great deal.  Creating an outlandish logo for the sake of attracting attention can have merit, but usually, these left-field designs strike a chord due to knowing your demographic and the culture. A great example of this approach is from one of our clients, Power Pony, which you can read more about here.

If something less flamboyant is more your style, then knowing where your differences lie will matter even more in capturing that all-important 0.1-second first impression*. This isn't a negative, as you'll be able to rely on common themes and connotations, which your audience will be able to interpret instantly.

This approach is why we call ourselves a marketing company and not a design company. Every element of your business will say something about you, so let us work together!

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