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Flyers, t-shirts, and other marketing collateral open up many opportunities to extend your reach to new audiences. A flyer in a showroom or gym, branded t-shirts to wear at events, all help drive awareness but using the right ones in the right way for your business can make a massive difference.

Working with many different types of businesses we’ve helped deploy marketing campaigns in various methods to great effect. Whether you need graphic design or other requirements such as copywriting, we would love for you to contact us about your needs and we'll see if we can fulfil your goals.

Power Pony Marketing Materials & T-Shirt Design


Language is a translation of thought, and you want to be the attractive solution to the problem your prospect is thinking about!

So how do you do that?

By playing an intricate game of snap! Search engines, like Google, match user queries to information found on the internet, specifically text.

This is where keywords come in. These are the words your prospects actually use to find your service, and effectively deploying them in an engaging, on-brand, SEO-friendly, skilled manner on your website creates a match between you and them.

We'll help convert first-time prospects into your biggest proponents!

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Events are a great way to attract attention to your business, gain engagement and convert prospects. But don't let the event day(s) be the end of it!

Having an event photographer capture all the big and small moments can generate even higher engagement with your target audience. Remind them of the fun moments, laughs and hurdles overcome by posting the images to social media and inspire conversation about the positive interactions with your business.

Photos and videos provide social proof of what you do and what people can expect from your next event. High-quality photography enables you to create captivating promo videos and marketing materials with professional quality.


When photographing your goods, you are capturing a moment in time, an idea, that your product will give your customers a lifestyle or experience they seek.

Capturing the deliciousness of food products, unique features & functionality, or the ambience of a scene requires careful planning to ensure the lighting, set design and framing deliver a tantalising promise. Is your brand or product like magic? Inspired by the culture of Mexico? Portraying the personality and idea of a product can tell your audience more than a thousand words in just a second. Let us help you get it right!

Product photography elevates your products from everyday to extraordinary, showcasing every asset they have to offer. Don't let your photos undersell your goods. Ensure you take the same level of care and quality promoting your product as making it, and let them take centre stage!

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