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Unsheath Your Potential

A social media account is one integral part of your online reach, but a website is just as important today as its ever been. Focusing your online presence on your socials limits the tools at your disposal to what the platform provides and risks users getting distracted, possibly visiting a competitor or forgetting you after too many cat videos. Don't allow your audience to view your company through the lens of Facebook or Instagram, as you blend in like any other account.

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Take control of your brand and expand beyond the confines of social media. Having your own website allows you to create a controlled environment where your prospects only see what they're looking for and what you offer (and possibly fewer cat videos). Create a tailored experience that strides out from the crowd and boldly asserts your brand's personality and services - this is as close to the personification of your brand as you'll get, so let's make it more than a 'user experience' from silicone valley.

What we Need from You




Building upon the content you already have, we'll implement it into your website for cohesive branding & marketing.

Tell us what you need and what you want to show off!

We'll need content in the form of photos, videos & copywriting to display on your site. If you need new copy or graphics, Molten can work with you to embellish your website with your flair but we'll need somewhere to start. If you have existing materials, show us! It always helps to have references to aid consistency and strength to your brand's voice.

If you are looking to sell products, make sure you send us your policies.

All content we produce for you will have SEO in mind and implemented. From keywords to alt-text, meta-data and more, you can rest assured your site will have good form.

What are the goals of your website?

Sales, subscriptions, phone calls? Or maybe a portfolio? You'll need a clear vision of what you want to accomplish with your website to guide your audience in the direction you need them to go.


Photos of your business, products, or services are essential. If you can provide us with high-quality PNG files or JPEG files we can really show you off - it's even better if you have video (MP4) for the algorithm and engagement!

SVG files ensure your logo looks crisp at any size, ideal for use on your responsive website.

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